Monday, September 3, 2012


Madison "dancing at a disco"
I've been teaching at Madison's school for just over a month.  Selfishly, the reason I wanted to teach was to introduce Madison to acting and to Shakespeare.  My idea was to offer an after-school program for kids interested in drama.  What I ended up was offering an elective for High School 11th graders.  Her school teaches a "block" schedule.  What that means for me is Wednesday am one week I teach, and the following week I teach both Wednesday and Friday morning for 1 1/2 hours.

Some of the activities I have them do are to highlight the right side of the brain - so that's included drawing, miming, charades, and impromptu-acting in front of the class.  Some of her class mates have ZERO problem acting in front of their classmates, there are, of course, a few hold outs who just aren't overly interested, but are good sports and do it.

Carolina "terrified of the zombies coming"

The girls trying to come up with the "next story"
They are currently memorizing a one-act play, and then we will be planning/writing the Christmas play for the seniors as well.  This week I will be introducing them to Hamlet and finalizing it by watching Hamlet by Mel Gibson.

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