Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kids Club

Por qué Dios nos dio el Antiguo Testamento?  (Why did God give us the Old Testament).  One of the catechism questions we are working on = #17.  What else are they memorizing?  The books of the bible - we are starting with the Old Testament, and they can say them all the way up to The Psalms!  It's been a blast!  And yes, that gives me an "excuse" to learn them all in Spanish as well - since I'm teaching them.  SO exciting to see the kids rise to the challenge.

gathering to watch the skit

Nubia showing her craft

working on their craft

forming lines for the relay game
The answer (by the way) to catechism question #17 is God gave us the Old Testament to show us path of Him sending us the promised savior.  The story from last week showed how a sacrifice was needed from the beginning (Adam and Eve) and all through the Old Testament - and the ultimate sacrifice was Jesus.  That being said, the craft for today was making a sheep.  They loved it.

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