Sunday, July 22, 2012

Medical Brigade

Patients waiting outside the "doctor's office"
In four days we saw almost 500 patients.  Okay - 495 to be exact, but 500 is just a nice round number.  During that time we had a dentist pulling teeth, a doctor with his ultrasound, and 3 other docs seeing "general medical" patients.  On top of all that the other half of the team spent the time doing construction, Kids Club, and English Class.  Our ministry goes on!

This week we have a church from home :-)  Valley Springs Presbyterian Church is our mother church.  They planted Soaring Oaks Church, our home church.  So it's cool to see some folks from our neck of the woods :-)  We will be starting on a new house for Oneyda (those of you who know her), and doing Kids Club, English Class, 1 clinic day, going to the river, etc.

Next week we have off, then we start our final month of teams for the summer.  I'm excited to see what the Lord brings out way.

Kids Club making their craft
On a side note - Madison is back from her 2 weeks serving as an intern in Belize.  She had an AMAZING time, but is definitely glad to be home.  She starts school in three weeks - her final year in a Honduran school

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christina said...

How cool that Onyeda is getting a house!