Monday, July 9, 2012

Back to work

After a week vacation, we are diligently back to work!  We have two great teams here - Covenant Community Church (Cov Com)  from Arizona, and Sovereign Grace from Charlotte, NC are here to work with us.  Cov Com will work in the community of La Fe and Sovereign Grace will be in Armenia Bonito.  Both teams will be doing similar work - English Classes, Kids Club, medical clinic, and construction.  It does take some planning to get everyone to the right location, eating all together, and planning out events, but it's exciting to see how God is going to use these teams for the people of Honduras.

Today I will be in the community of La Fe hosting the medical clinic.  We are also going to be advertising for the medical brigade that is coming next week!  We will have 3 medical provider stations, an ultrasound station and a dentist.  We will be one day in the community of La Fe, and 3 days in the community of Armenia Bonito.  Can't WAIT!

Finally - Mike's blog has had an AMAZING facelift!  It's beautiful, user friendly, and has lots of cool features - check it out here.

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