Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kids Club

Certificates of completion for 38 kids

Mike participating in the relay game

Nubia just being cute :-)

part of the 80 kids

Two new girls that game for the first time today
Today marked the end of another section in Kids Club.  Every 2-3 months I finish our current section of the Children's Catechism.  We have been having an average attendance of 70-80 children at Kids Club.  The children are learning either a new catechism question, or a bible verse each week.  They also hear a bible story, see a skit, or hear a lesson and play a game.  We review each question/verse up to the current verse, and then learn the new verse or question.  At the end they do a craft, they are quizzed on the new question or verse, and then usually unwillingly go home.  This week we had the privilege of having Sovereign Grace from NC here to help us out.  They were a HUGE help with all the kids!

Today we had 38 children who had almost perfect attendance for this series, received a certificate of completion, and a plate of food.  It's so awesome to see how God is working in these kids - how they are excited to come each week and learn something new.  I can't even imagine how God is going to work in the lives of these children.

At the end of the day, before they left, they all heard a gospel presentation.  They left with a bible tract, and happy bellies.

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