Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prepared Childbirth Class and Kids Club

Today the kids finished this series in Kids Club.  Those kids who received 6 stamps out of 8 - a stamp for each week they came - will participate in a fiesta next week.  The kids struggled a bit with the new bible verse, but did a great job!

Before Kids Club I had another prepared childbirth class.  Three ladies came and they learned a LOT of information and were SO excited to receive the information, practice breathing techniques, and we finished the class by showing a "live birth" video.  The ladies were like passing a train wreck - they were in awe, a bit amazed, a lot of "Dios mio" (my God!!) but couldn't keep their eyes off!  The loved it!  These classes have been a great success in teaching ladies how to be prepared to have their babies by themselves in the hospital.

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