Thursday, February 9, 2012

Clinic in La Fe

La Fe - or "Faith" is a new community our team just started working in.  Ashley and Mike Troxell have been searching for a community where they feel led to work in.  God led them to La Fe.  They walked the community several times and finally settled on this area.  To kick off their ministry we held a clinic in the small village of about 100 homes, 1000 people.  Dr. Greg and Pastor Mike are here for the week and we took that opportunity to spend the day in La Fe.  Overall we saw about 65 people.  The biggest "issue" we saw was the severe malnourishment in this community.  There is no water to the village, it's only been in existence since 2010.  So - they get their water from the local contaminated river, or from a community near them.  So, bucket by bucket they bring water to their homes.  Also, the lack of latrines (toilet facilities) seems to be a big problem in this community as well.
Dr. Greg and I assessing how / where to set up the clinic

We were well received!  Needless to say, there were still way too many people that arrived then we could see, but we did see many sick people.  We did a number of ultrasounds, and gave out parasite meds and vitamins to everyone who came.  We prayed with, and loved on these beautiful people.

Ashley doing intake

Stefani, a sweet little girl who hung out with us all day

me helping out with a young woman involved in a serious motorcycle accident

Pastor Mike walking the community

Mike Troxell checking things out

Two little ones left to themselves while their mother was down at the river washing clothes
This area of La Fe will be the Troxell's primary ministry area, but I also will be privileged in being a part of their ministry as well as we will most likely be hosting 2 medical clinics a month there.  This will be exciting to see where God will take this community.

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What a blessing. Loved reading this. <3