Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This week we have the privilege of hosting Dr. Greg and Pastor Mike.  Dr. Greg has been coming to Honduras for quite some time, this is his 5th trip here.  With him he brings Pastor Mike who will be bringing some folks down this summer.  Because we have extra hands, we are doing many different medical events this week.  We are hosting 2 clinic in Armenia, 1 in our new ministry area that the Troxell's will be working in, a day with Kate working with Street Children, and even a quick trip to the teen house.  During this time Dr. Greg has been schooling me on the use of the ultrasound machine.  He, of course, makes it look oh so easy - I described it yesterday as like trying to drive with your eyes closed.  So hard trying to get your bearings on where in the world you are, what you are looking at, and trying to measure those elusive parts!  I guess I didn't get good at what I do overnight either...so I need to give myself some patience.

Yesterday we saw 50 patients, did 11 ultrasounds, had mad children, very sick patients, but good times indeed!  Prayed with, loved on, and spent time with lots of people.

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