Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Honduras

Christmas in Honduras is pretty much like Christmas in the States with a few large differences. First, most Hondurans celebrate on the 24th of December. When I was out in the village doing an Advent Calendar with the kids, and a count-down until Christmas, they ALL put the date on the 24th. I think this is primarily because they open presents at midnight on the 24th/25th. So for them, Christmas starts on the 24th. Because of this, the country shoots off fireworks starting around 11pm on the 24th and ending just past midnight (and sometimes later). Here in the Pettengill household, we held to our traditions. Big Christmas Eve dinner - with all of Team Honduras over. We potlucked it and the food was AMAZING! We each pulled names for a Secret Santa and shared the gifts, final advent calendar, and a celebration of Christmas through bible verses and Christmas carols. We ended the night with a Dance competition via Wii - fun had by all (except the party-pooper guys who couldn't get their whiteness on the dance floor) - but even the ladies were up dancing away!

Christmas day for the Pettengills is a quiet day. We start with a bible reading, then opening stockings, then Christmas presents. The remainder of the day is usually filled with playing games that we opened, watching movies, and just enjoying being a family. It was truly wonderful. This was a first of many first, however. First Christmas without my mom. And, my dad was staying at my step-sisters house, and unreachable, so not even a phone call to say hello. But my heart is healing, although I know there will always be a place in my heart where my mother holds dear and it will be there forever :-) Love you sweet mom! Merry Christmas!
Madison starting to open all her goodies

Mike enjoying his stocking goodies...

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