Monday, September 5, 2011

My Mom

So my mom...she's a really!!!!!!

She had a cranial aneurism that ruptured...she should have died...but she didn't
she's had multiple strokes...she should have died (multiple times)...but she didn't
Was in septic shock and in a coma...she did die - flat lined - several times...a month into her coma, with instructions from her living will and the advice from all of her doctors (of which she had many) - we went to pull her off of life support, and that day - that HOUR - she opened her eyes...she should have died...but she didn't

Madison, me and my mom - Christmas 2010

Over the last 5 years or so my mom has been IN the hospital more than she has been OUT (at least it seems that way - but not too far from the truth). Right now she is in with congestive heart failure, severe sepsis (blood infection), and fluid in her lungs. She is often times confused, but as per usual - she has such an amazing heart (now if her physical heart would just cooperate). She is kind, soft spoken, lovely, amusing, funny, and always asking about others before she tells about herself.

Prayers for her would be greatly appreciated!

Mike, Madison and my dad - Christmas 2010

 She is in for a long recovery - when she is eventually discharged from the hospital - she will go to a skilled nursing facility where she will be for a few weeks regaining her strength. I love hear dearly, and want her home with my dad. Also prayers for my dad. He has loved her through thick and thin. Through all her illnesses and he does it with a loving heart. If you want an amazing example of what it truly means to be in love - all you need is to spend the day with my parents. I love them dearly.

Being on the mission field has it's challenges - oh boy does it!  Ministry, team, illnesses, break-ins, thievery, etc.  But one of the hardest things I find is being away from those who need you.  Being so far away when my mother is ill, and my dad alone caring for her hurts my heart.  But I persevere, because that's what we do.  If we threw up our hands every time in the face of adversity, our fingers would become gangrenous due to lack of blood supply :-)

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The McClain's said...

Erin, my friend, praying for you hard, I understand, to be 2 Corin 4 today- pray it may encourage you as it did me...hope you can read it...Love you.