Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flying Solo - Kids Club

Bethany (our final intern) is leaving soon!  In like two weeks!  This will be the first time (besides the time when it was just Mike, Madison and myself) that we will be without an intern!  Kind of a strange thing.  Interns have been invaluable!  They jump in and get to work!  We recruit very specifically for a type of intern - one who is self-motivated, a go-getter, and can handle ministry work.  Therefore, we've always had them intimately involved in our on-going ministry.  So now we are looking ahead and realize that English class and Kids Club will be taught by just one of us.  So, Mike has picked English class - and he will be teaching and leading it by himself.  I chose Kids Club.  I worked a lot with children (was Children's Ministry Director for 3 years at our home church), so this seemed like a good option.  Today was Kids Club - and it's times like this that you remember what it was like when we were here by ourselves.  It was a challenge!  I'm just going to say it!  Playing with, teaching, leading, presenting crafts, etc. to 32 kids by yourself was a bit hectic!  And typically every year for Dia de los Ninos (Day of the Child) we have a special event.  As we are pretty short-staffed, we opted not to do that this year.  Instead, I had a special treat for the kids at the end of Kids Club.  Hotdogs!  And BOY was it a huge hit!

 The lesson today was on - How many times do I forgive someone who has sinned against me?  They all learned the answer - again and again and again!  So, in honor of that they made paper cut outs of multiple people, and wrote (in Spanish) on the first person - "I forgive".  On the second person they wrote "again".  On the third person they wrote "again".  On the fourth person they wrote "again".  Get it?  They LOVED it!  In a few weeks I'm going to introduce the Children's Catechism.  I will continue on this series for quite some time - I'm excited for the kids to learn the answers and can't wait to see how it goes!
I forgive again...and again...and again...and again...
waiting in line for their hotdog
can't forget the ketchup and mustard!


Jessica said...

This makes me miss it so much! We are praying for you all and your work in Armenia Bonita!
- village seven

The McClain's said...

That's a GREAT idea!!! praying for you guys...we LOVE our interns, too!