Saturday, September 17, 2011

Highwaymen and Hymns

Along with Bethany, Kathy and myself, we took 5 young ladies out to a concert at one of the local churches.  This is a huge event, and we had to buy tickets a week in advance to even get in.  First we picked the girls up in Armenia, took them out to dinner, then headed over to the church.  Two hours later, including a Passion Scene with actors and all, we headed back to take the girls to the village.  We were in two cars, Kathy, her girls and Bethany were in one car, and the girls from the village and I were in another car.  So, Kathy and her crew headed back to their house, and I took the girls to Armenia - it just didn't make sense to have both cars drive in the opposite direction from our house.  However, that's when things got a little hairy.

Leili, Sairi, Iris, Nancy, Graci
First, I was unable to call Mike and let him know I was leaving as the cell phone service was overworked, and no calls or texts were getting out.  The entire way to the village I tried to call or text him to no avail.  I pulled off the main road and started driving down to the village.  It's about 2 1/2 miles off of the main road.  You have to pass two communities before you get to where we are going.  Needless to say - it seems even longer when it's pitch black and you are the only car on the road.  And that's when I noticed it.  I was being followed by two motorcycles.  They were keeping their distance, but following me none-the-less.  I got to a split in the road.  You can go either way to get to the village, it's just a big circle around the second community, but I typically take the road to the left - it's a much larger road.  That's when I saw them - they split up.  One went right, the other stayed behind me.  They were going in for either an ambush, or were going to be waiting for me when I got back so whichever road I took, they would be waiting for me.  I immediately picked up my speed.  I was flying.  I wanted to get ahead of the other motorcycle.  I was totally keeping my cool, not letting on to the girls in the car that we were being followed.  But these are not stupid girls.  They know the dangers.  As soon as I got into the third community where I was taking them - that's when they all erupted.  "Tere (my nickname) ...there's two motorcycles following you....Tere....they are waiting for can't go back!". hiding it from them.  They knew what had happened.  I dropped the first girl off at her house, and went another 1/2 mile into the village to drop the other girls off when they all started talking again.  " CAN'T leave!  They are waiting for you!  It's what they do!  You have to stay!"  Now keep in mind - I still hadn't been able to reach Mike.  It was past 10pm at this time and I KNEW he would be so worried about me!  But my cell phone still wasn't connecting.  All the other girls tried their phones as well, but we all had the same service.  I finally asked all the girls if any of their parents had the other cell phone service, and one girl did.  So we all piled back in the car and drove over to her house.  We were able to get through!  Mike, of course, was VERY worried at this point.  I discussed with him what had happened - I told him there was NO way he could come out as then HE would be ambushed!  So - I told him I would wait it out.  I would stay the night in the village.  I was immediately offered a bed to crash in and so I did.  Unfortunately, for most of the night, if I heard a noise or any dogs barking, I was afraid the guys had come looking for the car...come looking for me...I was someone who had money and a car - and both could be used!  But no one ever came, and first thing the next morning - once LOTS of people were out and about I called Mike and headed for home.

On my way back - my dear sweet friend Mindy texted me (yes...from her US phone to my Honduras phone because she loves me THAT much) - the PERFECT scripture (as she ALWAYS manages to do):  "The name of the Lord is a strong tower.  The righteous run to it and are safe"

Unfortunately, because of this incident, we know that mothers are not going to let us take their girls out again after dark.  For their own safety, and for ours.  So - in the future - we are either going to have to do our activities during the day - or let the girls sleep over our house.  I know they would love that :-)

So what scary moment have YOU been involved in?  How did you respond?


The McClain's said...

So thankful you had a place to stay for the night. That's pretty scary! But what a great testament for the love the people and the girls have for you, Erin! Not to mention the protection Your Great God gives you! Love you, friend!

James Eric said...
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