Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dedicated to Mindy

Last day in California - tomorrow morning we start the drive to Arizona.

There are so many things that are NOT constant with being a missionary. A place to call "home", mail, electricity, finding clothes that are your size, milk at the grocery store, etc. You get the drift. One thing that IS constant is saying hello and goodbye ALL THE TIME! Teams coming and going, interns coming and going, other missionaries in the area coming and going, team mates coming and going. Being in California has been so incredible! Our home church is here, my best friend is here, my family is here - it was an incredible time! But let's just face's only temporary. As our physical home (earth) is only temporary as well - we are all passing through - to finally come to the place where we can officially call home. The beauty in knowing that my best friend - Mindy Hertzell, will always be there for me on this earth and this life is incredible, but more importantly - in the life to come we will be eternal friends.

What do you say to someone you call sister? Who is a role model in your life? Who has truly been there for me through thick and thin. Who prays for me when I don't ask, and "somehow" is praying for the exact thing that I need in that moment. What do you say to someone who calls you "just because" and leaves goodie bags on my front porch waiting for me to find the next morning? Who drives across town to jump start your car because you are an idiot and leave the lights on while you are away on a week trip. You do your best - and fumble with words - and hope that the feelings and emotions do justice to what is in my heart. Or you dedicate this blog to her - to let her know how special she is to me. My friend, my sister.

I love you Mindy. And it's only goodbye for now...

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