Thursday, January 27, 2011

Body Scan

Mike took a picture of me while I was being scanned.

While departing from Atlanta airport today we came to the security check point. Got in line...and as we got closer we noticed that we were in the body scan line. I looked up and down the security lines, and noticed that only about every third line was a body scan line. Hmmm....I if I was a bad guy, and wanted to skirt around the body scan - I simply needed to go to the lines without body scans. Not all that secure, I'm thinking. We were asked to take everything out of our pockets - metal or not - didn't matter. We did...or so I thought. Mike went through, Madison went through, I went through. Unfortunately, I had left my ID in my back pocket. So the TSA agent told me, "I have to pat down your buttocks". after being patted down I collected all my belongings and we went on our merry way. All the way down to the end of the terminal to D-1. We put our things down, settled in and were immediately told that our flight was being moved to C-1. So...back down to the terminal train, next terminal down - and we came up the stairs and saw we were at LONG walk to the END of the other terminal, and we finally arrived.

The week was good - spent a few days with my friend Denise, then we had 3-day re-entry training with our mission agency, flying back today, and tomorrow starts a three day missions conference we will be participating in. No rest for the weary :-)

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