Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/2 marathon tomorrow...and injury

Well...after almost 4 months of training - I'll be walking the P.F. Chang's 1/2 marathon tomorrow. It's been a good road - a long road (walking takes a LONG time), but I've managed to get my times up from when I started. Initially I walked about 13:15 minutes mile, to now where I can walk about a 11:50 minute mile. So, I had planned on going 13 miles in 2 hours 36 minutes (that's 12 minute mile average). However, 2 days ago I pulled my hamstring pretty badly. So badly that on Friday I was hobbling my 4 miles just to get it done. Since then I've been icing, adviling, massaging, etc. my hamstring. I've tried not to walk much at all, and so we shall see. We shall see what tomorrow may bring. To say I'm not disappointed would be a lie. To have worked this hard to potentially "just finish" is disheartening. However, I will finish.

My husband reminded me yesterday that this is a training day only. I'm actually training for a full marathon in April, the weekend before we leave back to Honduras. So, perhaps if I keep that in mind, I won't be too disappointed at my time. But I endeavor on...I will persevere...and will do it to God's glory - because without Him - there is no way I would have even started out on this adventure to begin with.


Ellie said...

Ah, sorry! Take care of yourself.

I started jogging... not far yet, but I am finding I enjoy it some.

Mindy said...

Wish wish wish I could be there. Walk like the wind my friend. Praying for no more injury and a really enjoyable race.