Thursday, July 1, 2010

A sweet hello from an unknown friend :)

"Reunion" with Pastor Andrews from Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church (my home church)

General Assembly has been nothing like I anticipated. I talked a LOT! Now, don't get me wrong - my husband will be the first to comment on that (out of sheer love of course) - saying...but you ALWAYS talk a lot. Here's the deal - I was scheduled to work a 2 hour shift each day of General Assembly - however - I found myself showing up for my scheduled time, and realize 6 hours later that I was STILL there! Before I came I thought my cheeks would go numb from smiling a lot (thinking back to wedding reception days...I know...a long time ago). But lo and behold I've had a GREAT time! I've talked to so many beautiful people it was so encouraging. Here I thought I was supposed to be telling people about MTW, which of course is what I did - but in the midst of it I found myself talking about what I love - missions of course. And out of that radiated some GREAT conversations! A shout out to a sweet missionary family in El Salvador. This young woman read about me in a publication from MTW, has followed my blog and knew I would be in Tennessee for General Assembly. She called her mother and told her she had to come find me at the MTW booth. So today, a beautiful woman approached the booth looking for me. And there we talked, and cried, and just shared our hearts about both sides of the mission field - the ones left behind, and the ones on the field. We loved on each other, and again - here I was thinking I was going to be "helping" others, and was so blessed by her presence today. God is good! Thank you! AND - I wasn't even supposed to be "on shift" right then - not for another 3 hours, and actually had my back pack on to leave, but "somehow" felt compelled to stay for a few minutes - and there she came. Thank you God for this encounter!

On a side note - today is the last day of General Assembly. I will be getting my bags packed tomorrow and purchase any last minute items to bring back to my lovely family anxiously awaiting me at home! My plane leaves bright and early Saturday morning - 630 to be exact, which means I'll be waiting at the airport at 430 am...ah the joys - as long as Nashville has a Starbucks - my morning will be complete!

Talking to folks about MTW, handing out mugs, and advertising the Global Missions Conference in November

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