Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blessings from Teams

We are a product of short term teams. What do I mean by that? Mike and I had been on several short-term trips to various parts of the world, and one day Mike came back from one of those and said, "enough of this short-term stuff...we need to do this full-time" - and that was the beginning.

Having 23 people live in my house can be a challenge. Primarily the logistics. When we came to La Ceiba, we specifically looked for a home that could house up to 20 people plus 2 interns (and us by the way). We succeeded. Two big dorm rooms for 10 people each, a back house with a bunk for two. Our primary obstacle? Only 2 1/2 bathrooms for all of those people - but who said mission trips was at The Hilton? I always say you can do anything for 2 weeks! In Haiti, my shower for the most part was a hose with a nozel on the end, and only 2 sets of clothes, one to wear, and one to change into - it worked, I survived :-)

We are always asked if it is difficult to host short-term teams. It is...I won't deny it. However, the blessings SO outweigh the difficulties! It's always a taste of fresh air to have folks come from The States. Fun to just sit around and shoot the breeze in the evening. Great to see so many people who have a heart for serving God, and the people of Armenia Bonito. We even are the recipients of gifts sometimes :-) Nothing tastes better than a Nutter Butter that has been camping out in my freezer - something you can't get here, and something that is oh so yummy! But once in awhile, a team rains those blessings upon us. Yesterday I spent the good part of the morning unpacking "stuff" for our ministry. Everything from vitamins (12,000 by the way), to zip lock bags, cotton balls, etc. I sat around the upstairs room finding space for things and was in awe. This is stuff we either can't buy here, or is so cost prohibitive I just can't buy it. It actually brought tears to my eyes.

So thank you to everyone who prays for our ministry! Thank you for all those who financially contribute so we are allowed to serve Him in Honduras. Thank you to all of you who have come...and thank you for those who send them. Thank you to the personal goodies that makes snacking so much fun! And a huge thank you to those who bring stuff for the ministry (in either labor, funds, or in items). We are truly blessed indeed!


La Gringa said...

Chocolate chips brought tears to my eyes once. ;-)

oconnorfamily said...

Thank you for your hospitality to the teams. It brought tears to our eyes to read this entry and be able to know what our family member is doing is valuable. We look forward to reading your website every day. Blessings to your family and its ministry.