Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cooking it up in the kitchen

While the team is out being productive in Armenia Bonito building, Kids Club, etc. I am at home for my day off. So...what do I do on MY day off? Most people would answer - sitting around reading, watching TV, movie, etc. Well - my idea of "getting away" is to cook, bake, whatever! To create something out of things in my kitchen. I was getting a taste for hummus and pita bread. Don't ask me why. But, with no hummus to be found at the grocery store, or the import store - and no pita bread to be found anywhere - I set out to make my own. So, a few hours later, I made some wheat pita bread, hummus, and a coffee cake for the team to eat for breakfast (see - it wasn't ALL selfish) :-).

pita and hummus

coffee cake

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Cathi Duggan said...

I made hummus yesterday(flavored with lemon, garlic and red pepper) YUM! But haven't baked pitas yet....we can buy those for 800 colones, so I am thinking heating the oven here would cost more!

They do look delicioso though!