Thursday, December 10, 2009


Each clinic day certainly has a "theme". Last time was mostly children, today was mostly adults. Unfortunately, I had a lot of bad news for a lot of people. Blood pressures and blood sugars were very high, a few so high I recommended they seek in-town medical care immediately. Unfortunately, I know that most won't. This comes on the day after there were 3 deaths in the village. The first was from a car accident as they were coming into the village, the other was from an elderly woman who had a heart attack, and the third was a young girl (13 years old) who took her own life because of conflicts with her boyfriend and mother. So many people were taking my news seriously, but I don't know that many will make the serious change to their lives that they need to. I have created many easy reader/pictoral health education teaching sheets that I give out and have a lot of time with health education. These are definitely situations that without some basic information, their lives will not improve. I talked a lot about diet, and doing things that they CAN do. So although the news was serious for many, this gave me a GREAT opportunity to do some serious health education today. So my brain is tired from talking a LOT of Spanish today, and my body is tired because last night was a night of insomnia for me...ah well...I live each day as a joy as I'm working for the Lord :-)

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