Friday, December 25, 2009


Today was Christmas - our 4th country in 5 years. England, The States, Panama, Honduras. Quite an adventure, I must say - but such is the life of a missionary! For quite awhile Madison has been asking for a Wii. For various reasons including the cost, we have not gotten her one. Well, this year with the help of both sets of grandparents she got a Wii and lots of accessories! After Madison opened her first Wii accessory, we told her not to get overly excited because it was our team mates who were getting the Wii but we wanted her to have accessories to be able to play at their house (I know...I know...a little white lie - but she LOVED it in the end). Like the great trooper that she is, she said, "hey - that's great!". Her "final present" was a clue which ended up leading her on a treasure hunt to over 20 different locations around the house, which ended up leading her to her Wii! She couldn't have been more shocked and thrilled! So - for the remainder of the day we played :-) We look forward to some serious competitions in the future!

Madison opening her stocking - yes - it's what you see - A-1 sauce! A Madison favorite and a special treat indeed as it's EXTREMELY expensive here, so rarely purchased!

Our dear friend from church, Cherilyn, hand-crafted this AMAZING Raggedy Ann doll with three different sets of clothing! Madison was SO EXCITED to get this incredible gift! It didn't leave her side all day!

Dad enjoying his Crunch and Munch from his stocking.

The unwrapping of the Wii!!!


Cristina said...

Way cool! Loved seeing what you get excited about!

The McClain's said...

No wonder Mike wanted to open Madison's BIG gift early! Those Dads...always giving in like that! Glad you held firm- that expression is priceless! :) Have fun- they are great! Glad your day was great! :)

DJP said...

Josiah's a huge A1 sauce fan, also. I wonder if they know that about each other.