Wednesday, December 23, 2009

6th Annual Event

Okay - I know that every family has traditions during the holidays. Some fun, some serious, some just...I don't know...different... One tradition we have is to celebrate Advent. Another is that Madison gets to open a gift on Christmas Eve. We also have a huge dinner on Christmas Eve (think Thanksgiving feast, just slightly smaller scale). One of our traditions is the annual viewing - not It's a Wonderful Life (although we do watch that), and not the Grinch (although we also watch both of those - the animated and the Jim Carrey version) - but...all three Extended Release versions of The Lord of the Rings - yes...that's what I said - all one day...11.35 hours in all!!!! Glorious indeed! Even when we were in Panama for Christmas, the DVD's came along with us - and we sat on the bed of our hotel room, ordered KFC, and watched all three movies on our lap top. Although - Mike has put a ban on quoting the movie during the watching of it (of which Madison and I are RENOWN for doing - what a bah humbug move!). Crazy, you say?! Well - we just love them that much! So, even when Madison is grown up and out of the house - she WILL return each December to our house to watch all three of them! It's a day of no cooking (donuts for for lunch and dinner), enjoying awesome movies, and spending the whole day in each others presence. I think as a holiday tradition - it's a good one :-)

This isn't what we looked like after 12 hours of Lord of the Rings...just a great shot of Gollum

Enjoying the pizza, great movies, and the comfy couch :-)

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