Monday, August 24, 2009

New York team and update

Our New York team had their first full day of construction and working with kids. It was a tough day indeed! Very hot, with a few members feeling a bit down because of dehydration. It's one thing hearing about the heat, the humidity, and the work, and a whole other thing to actually experience it! Tomorrow we are having another work / construction day, but at the same time we are putting on a medical clinic. We will be having 2 this week, so please pray for our team, and my energy level as medical clinics are very tiring, and to have 2 this week will really tax me.

Madison continues to enjoy her new school. Her new friend, Rudy, is a sweet girl and they get along great! She's doing well in her classes and enjoys all her teachers. A HUGE answer to prayer!

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Mindy said...

Im praying for you E. Love you.