Thursday, August 27, 2009

4th day with Redeemer

Today was the fourth full day of ministry work with Redeemer. We had a full day of our mobile medical clinic where Dr. Harold and I saw just over 50 patients. Pretty intense, with many people needing a lot of care. But Dr. Harold handled it like he was an old pro! What a blessing to be able to see more people - all in all about 108 people in clinic and home visits! A blessing indeed for the people of Armenia Bonito. Construction on the church continues to go well. Most of the structure for the roof is up, and tomorrow hopefully the tin will go up. A HUGE blessing to this little church and a lot of hard work for the team. In the afternoon - those who were not directly involved in the clinic took another trip to the river with many kids from the village. A GREAT treat for the kids! Tomorrow finishes out their ministry work with a morning of construction and one more trip out to the river :-) The afternoon will be a trip to the souvenir shop, dinner out, home to pack, then an early night to bed as the morning on Saturday will come VERY early! This team has been incredible! A blessing to those in Armenia Bonito, and a HUGE blessing to us! We have felt very loved by all! It was our 2-year anniversary of being out of the States in ministry work. We were surprised with a huge cake, and some of our favorite brew :-) What a blessing, and we felt very loved! Thanks all around!

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Barbara said...

Happy Anniversary..The people of Armenia Bonito are so lucky to have your family to care for them.
Barbara McNerney