Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I've always wanted to play the piano, and so I picked up some self-taught piano books, and can now pound out a mean tune.  However,  I have come to realize (MY definition here) that there is a difference between a piano player and a pianist.  As in my case, a piano player can hack out a pretty cool tune, help lead music, and maybe even play along with the worship band.  However, a pianist really understands the intricacies behind the piano - they understand the Circle of 5ths, can transpose music, and maybe even write their own music.  I fall into the first category - I'm a piano player, not a pianist.

Why do I write this?  I write this because I also believe there is a difference between a story teller and a writer (again - MY definitions here - I'm sure the experts would disagree).  A story teller can write a story - the reader can "see" in their head the story being told to them - a story teller can draw people in, and take them along for the ride.  A writer, however, understands the intricacies of things flow together, can flush out when something is too generic and make it more specific, or when something is too specific to make it more generic.

I am a story teller.  It's what I told my editor.  I'm not a writer.  I think I can learn to be one, (better chance of becoming a writer than a pianist in my case), but for now, that's not my gifting.  I need someone outside of my stories to read what I'm writing.  Help me transform the story that is in my head into a good flowing collection of stories on paper.

Because to me, what I've written down on paper sounds great!  It's got the right depth, or is shallow when it needs to be, it can be challenging to the reader (maybe even make you squirm just a bit), but not can be convicting, and maybe make you question some things about yourself.  Sometimes there is a chance for misinterpretation and people draw the wrong conclusions, so, more often than not, Mike and I bounce our ideas off of each other - he will want to send a Tweet out, and will run it by me to make sure that what he is writing makes sense.  I do the same to him.  We want to get it right. It's like what your English college professor said - try to get someone else to read your first draft because you stop "seeing" the paper and it needs an outside person looking in to see where the flaws are.

That's where I am with my book.  I've written my "stories" and my awesome editor is flushing them out.  She's helping me find the flow, re-write some sections, add things in, take things out.  It's a long process because we want to do this right.  To give life to the stories, and allow the reader to accurately "see" them.  My editor is making discerning edits - helping to revise sections so they are  improved...she is making thoughtful edits - to help make my thoughts clearer...and she is making wise edits that allow the flow to be more natural.

Once again, I ask you to come along for the ride.  See the stories for what they are - learn something new - maybe even be a little squirmish in your seat as you are being challenged by what I say - I'm really okay with that.  Be motivated, be inspired, or, if none of those things happen, just read, and take your mind away from what life is throwing at you that day.

So...what DID happen when those termites ate my couch?  I guess you will have to stay tuned to find out.

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