Saturday, September 26, 2015

Africa Part 6

Today was a cool and quiet day.  We met with our Fong instructor, Geronimo, for the second time, and came away just as intrigued and confused as the first day.  One of the things we wanted to learn about was the history of the country.  Equitorial Guinea gained its independence in 1968.  It was a civil separation from Spain.  Spain planted a Ceiba tree and said when it’s fully grown, they would give the country back.  I found this quite interesting as we come from La Ceiba, and have Ceiba trees all around, we even flew on Ceiba airlines from the island to the mainland.
a la ceiba tree written in Psalms on the wall of a local church we attended

After our lesson we visited a couple of market places around town and picked up a few souvenirs.  We returned and had lunch with a sweet couple from Mexico that are missionaries here.  For dinner we are meeting with the caretaker of the property and his wife.  They are Guinean so we anticipate eating some very typical dishes for dinner.

In the evening Mike preached to the students at the seminary during chapel time in Spanish.  He preached on Titus and the characteristics of a good church leader.

We are having an amazing time, but we are still fairly tired, getting restless sleep, and our senses are being bombarded by all the new culture and sights.  It’s so great to see, so even though we are tired, the newness and learning the culture is fun and interesting. 

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