Monday, March 31, 2014


For a week I was able to participate in a leadership evaluation that our mission agency, Mission to the World put on.  It was an opportunity to put potential leaders in role playing situations, and see how they navigate difficult situations, or team members.  We also had a chance to interview goal was to make it challenging, to test the waters and ask difficult and challenging questions.  I didn't want to throw any soft balls, but allow folks to shine, or even stumble so we could see the way they operated.  It was also my first time to South America.  The change in weather was a nice change of pace as well.  I enjoyed the opportunity to participate, and the MTW staff enjoyed having me there. I have been asked to return for another evaluation called Readiness Evaluation.  It was an evaluation that we were required to go through before we could be accepted as missionaries.  Only long-term missionaries are required to go through it.  So, I will be joining the team in July as an evaluator - the evaluation will be in Georgia, so it coresponds nicely to when we will be in the States starting our furlough.

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