Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trying to change peoples lives

Let's face it...it is not easy to get people to change their life habits in the United States where they are surrounded by education, the internet, and tons of resources.  Here, with the lack of education, very little patient information or general understanding of health, we are confronted by difficulties similar in the States, but multiplied a 100 fold.  Today a sweet young 17 year old girl came in to be seen.  She is almost 22 weeks pregnant and presented with high blood pressure and diabetes, and her body mass index is 39 (above 30 is obese).  To say she is high risk is an understatement.  Most likely both her diabetes and her blood pressure problems are related to her pregnancy.  For the next hour, Roger spent the time explaining all that was wrong with her, how to change her life, the precautions to take, and the signs of emergency.  We are praying for this young girl - she received more information than she would ever have received at a public hospital or clinic, and for this, I am glad that we can help.  Changing people's lives one person at a time.  

Would you like to see us continue offering incredible services to the poorest of the poor?  You can help out by giving a one time donation or an on-going contribution toward Dr. Roger's pay.  The new year is almost here, and I am aggressively looking for pay for his salary to enable him to continue working.  Can you help out?  https://donations.mtw.org/donate/AddDesignation.aspx?No=92410

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