Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Medical crisis

This week we have had nine people from a community called Santa Ana that have come to our medical clinic.  To put that in perspective, they are traveling an hour and fifteen minutes via bus to come to our little clinic.  There is a government run medical clinic in their community, but it has NO medicine.  So they can go to the clinic and get a consultation, but then they can't be treated for their ailments.  Their only other option is a private clinic in their community that offers a consultation and medications for HNL1,500 which is about $75.00.  This means care is ONLY available to the rich people of that community.  We charge $2.50 for a consultation and $1.25 for all your medications. This makes the hour+ bus ride WELL worth it!  We can serve the poorest of the poor!  We continue to seek funds for Dr. Roger's pay to be able to continue our efforts to treat people like little Manuel who came to our clinic from the community over an hour away.  It is so easy to become a part of this effort by making an on-going or one-time contribution toward Dr. Roger's pay. Go to this link to make an EASY contribution...

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