Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hospital closed and our clinic open.

What is someone to do when a hospital closes?  When your only resource is to seek medical care wherever you can.  When the next closest public hospital is almost 2 hours away? seek care wherever you can get it.  The last few weeks we have been bombarded with patients.  This week we have been oddly slow, I am hoping that is bcause we have gotten people over their crisis, but the overwhelming number of patients going through our clinic is wiping out our medical supplies.  One example is a gentleman who came in with a severe infection in his joint.  We have had him come to the clinic three days in a row where we have pulled out pus and infection in his knee, given three rounds of antiobiotics in his veins, oral antibiotics, crutches, and even a knee mobilizer.  It is patients like this that really need to be admitted, but there is no hospital to admit him to.  However, after three days of agressive treatment we decided he just needed to admit him, so we sent him out to a hospital 2 hours away.  The needs here are great, and our ability to serve them holistically we are seriously lacking in some basic things like laboratory equipment.  I have a great resource of a company in the States that will fully equip my clinic, including coming to train us on the this is what I am saving up to get.

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