Thursday, August 8, 2013

Medical Brigade

This week we had a full medical brigade this week.  We had four visiting docs, 2 RN's, a CNA, and some ancillary folks.  It was a full week indeed!

270 folks were cared for.  We did a combination of people coming to the clinic and us making home visits.  Having an opportunity to visit people in their homes is an incredible way to meet people truly where they are at.  There were several people we visited that were immobile and were able to bring great care to them directly in their homes.  We have seen pregnant mommies, newborn babies, the National Police even stopped by for a visit, and the elderly. Truly going through the whole gambit and all stages of life.

We started IV's, gave IV medications, took care of a gentleman who collapsed in our intake area, and so many more things it would take a whole blog to cover.  It was truly a great week and our team worked like crazy, and did an incredible service to those who came.

The week couldn't have gone without a hitch...the air conditioning in our truck gave out right before the team arrived.  As we are in the middle of two brigades, there is no time to even get the truck to the shop.  Also, day 2 of clinic the electricity went out for just over 3 hours.  With all those bodies in the clinic that left us sweating a whole lot more than normal!

We have definitely had an interesting week with lots of interesting patients.  Next week brings another medical week.  We are in the middle of three teams in a row, but at the tail end of our summer teams.  Then Madison and Mike head off to the States and Madison will be taking the GED.  No rest for the weary :-)

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Mindy Hertzell said...

CANNOT.WAIT.I hope those Honduran folks save some good stuff for me. The brigade sounds like it was a HUGE success. :)