Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Medical Brigade

After intake, patients are waiting to be seen
Having medical brigades are such a great way to reach a community at a basic need.  It also is a great way for visiting nurses and doctors to be stretched and utilize their skills at a basic level.  Jungle medicine isn't for everyone...no immediate x-rays, labs, or other "basic" things, so they must rely upon their skills alone to assess and treat patients.  Yesterday we were in the Community of La Fe.  We had 98 patients, and 122 consults.  That breaks up to wq ultra sounds, 19 ladies received breast exam and breast education from a visiting specialist, 19 people had consults with the cardiologist, 36 general consults, and if time/personnel permitted we easily could have seen many many more.

Today we will be in the community of Armenia Bonito where my permanent clinic is.  I look forward to what today will bring.

a little one who came for a consult

A not so happy baby....

waiting to be processed through intake

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