Saturday, June 22, 2013

Medical Brigade Summary

The week has come to a close with our first two teams of the summer.  I realize it's not all about numbers, but it helps keep things in perspective when I look at my level of exhaustion - it's GOOD exhaustion, but tired none the less.  Here's the summation:

Ultrasounds: 75
Cardiology appointments:  60
Breast exams:  63
General Consults:  204

This has us having seen 402 people this week.  The team worked hard and I know the people of the community were blessed by having this amount of expertise in one area.  We also had a day of education where we taught classes on parasites, brushing your teeth, good hand washing, breast self-exams, and high blood pressure.
Handing out clothing to the soon to be mommies after their ultrasound
Health Education teaching to kindergarteners and adults 

Pastor Jesus praying with folks before clinic started
Dr. Greg doing a pregnancy ultrasound

Madison translating for some health education

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