Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Imagine, if you will, going to your doctors office and your doctor telling you that you need to have some labs done.  Okay, you say...I'll go to the local lab, have the blood drawn, and the labs will be almost immediately available to your local doctor.  Now, imagine you are in Honduras, and your doctor asks the same thing of you.  This will require a 3-hour round-trip to the center of town, pay for your labs out of pocket, only to have to return in 2-3 days (same 3-hour round-trip) to retrieve said labs, to finally get your results which now may be worthless because the problem you had was days ago...  That's what we are up against.  Needless to say, we do not have a laboratory easily available for our little clinic.  How to remedy this?!  I have a laboratory company in the States that will not only provide us with everything we need, but will fly down and teach us how to use all the equipment and process the labs!  How COOL is that?!  We could have labs instantly available to our patients...but...like everything else - NOTHING comes free.  I am looking at about an $8200 expense.  Having just finished the clinic, and support raised for Dr. Roger, I am, quite frankly, about $8100 away from being able to do this.  So here I am, beseeching you, my fine readers, to wonder if this is how God would have you use that spare $20 you have, or from restraining from a Starbucks coffee once a week to save the money for something like this.  Think about it, and let me know what you think.  It's an EASY process...just follow this little link here to make an EASY one-time tax deductible donation toward this incredibly necessary and much needed fund.  Thanks in advance!

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