Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lives saved and benches built

the crew with Dr. Roger
Today ended a four day clinic/construction/English Class/Kids Club week for Trinity Church.  Greg Moore is a physician who has been coming down to Honduras twice a year since we arrived almost 5 years ago.  His heart is here.  His son traveled with him this trip, Mike, who is a returnee and Steve joined the group to round out this amazing team.

There simply is TOO much to cover to address all that happened this week, so I'll highlight two things that have a direct impact on our ministry.

The first (and may not seem like the most important, but when you've been waiting almost 5 years to have a clinic, you will understand) is the construction of four exam tables.  Our deer sweet friend Tom DeKleer had four exam tables sent down for the clinic.  They arrived about a week ago, and the guys took a day to put them together.  Here is Rebekah making sure they are okay :-)

The second thing that happened (besides the 195 patients we saw, 44 ultrasounds done) - were two of the ultrasounds and what the results were.  Two VERY pregnant mommies were told that their placenta was completely covering the cervix.  Okay - so what does that mean to the average jo?!  That means there is ZERO chance that the moms can deliver their babies vaginally and need a c-section.  If they hadn't had known about this, the moms would have gone into labor and the placenta would have started tearing and the high risk here is for bleeding out (that means both the mom AND the baby could die).   In otherwords - 4 lives were saved.  It certainly was a divine providential moment that we were there right before the moms would have delivered their babies to let them know this crucial information.  SO cool!

I could go on and on and on about the interesting and cool cases we had (including the 2.78cm GALLSTONE that was diagnosed) but I would probably bore 90% of my audience.  So, I will end here with a very complete week completed, and a day of rest needed.

My dad arrives on Saturday and I'm giggling in joyful excitement!

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Ellie said...

Don't think you'd bore me, but well...

So what happens with the pregnant women? Can they get a c-section easily enough? How does that process go down there?