Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A full-service clinic

Pregnant momies, then new babies.  Sending out for exams, and returning with results.  Advising patients to change diet or other things, and seeing things come to fruition.  This is one of the great things I've seen over the almost 5 years of doing clinic in Armenia Bonito.  But let's face it - I am "just a nurse" and there are LOTS of things I just can't do.  Enter Dr. Roger.  This week one of my additional dreams came true.  Obviously, the opening of the clinic was the first.  Today I saw the second.

Last week an elderly lady came to the clinic.  After a thorough physical exam, and taking the patient history, Dr. Roger was suspicious about some things - so sent her into town for multiple tests.  She returned today for a consult and to have Dr. Roger read the results.  His suspicions were confirmed.  She had multiple abdominal cancerous massess.  So he called for a family meeting later in the afternoon.  At 1:30 all of the family arrived - there were at least 10 family members in Dr. Roger's consult room.  He was able to spend a considerable amount of time telling them their options, what to expect and answered their questions.  It was a sad time indeed, and yet I felt such a sense of peace that they were given such a special time to sit with Dr. Roger and answer all their questions.

So grateful for this....


Mindy Hertzell said...

and I know for sure that her family felt the compassion that was extended in a way that would otherwise not have happened. Praise God for Dr. Roger and praise God for you.

Cami Hood said...

We can only hope that all doctors are as good as Dr. Rogers! And it sounds like you both are in a good clinic. A full-service clinic is possible when you have the needed and advance medical equipment. Keep up the good work, both of you!
(Cami Hood @ PhoenixDeventures.com )