Thursday, January 10, 2013

Roadside consult

On my way back from clinic today I drove by one of the many police checkpoints that are in La Ceiba. Their job is to randomly select cars and check for correct registration, drugs, guns, etc.  I rarely get pulled over once they see I'm a female and a gringa.  Today, my windows rolled up (with DARK tint).  Typically I roll my windows down, they see me, wave me on, and I never stop.  Today, he pulled me over before he saw me.  However, once he saw me in scrubs, with meds in the back of my truck, instead of a normal "where are you coming from....where are you going...can I see your registration" I got, "Where do you work?  Do you have any medicine for a cough and cold?  Oh...and my wife has a cold too...can you help us out?"  What's a girl to do when the police ask?  I hop out of the car, and get him what he needs.  To make it even more friendly, I asked how many children were in his house, and provided the entire house hold with vitamins.  All in a days work!


Liz K said...

Love it!!! And to care for the police in a society so full of couruption and suspicion that's like loving the tax collectors of Jesus' day. Buen hecho amiga

J. Seth Wallace said...

This post made me happy!