Monday, June 11, 2012


So...this week we have some great folks from Faith Presbyterian Church of LaVale, MD.  They are a cool mix of medical/construction/Spanish speakers.  We will be hosting 3 medical clinics this week, and continue construction on a house for a very poor family.  Along with their willing hearts, they brought all sorts of goodies!  Okay - goodies to me means medical stuff.  I know....not quite that exciting for most of you - but for me - this means medication I can't find here or is way too expensive!  They also brought along supplies - sutures, staple sutures, gauze, tape, you get it.  WAY COOL!!!  And not only did they think of our medical supplies, they brought stuff for our other ministries.  Children's books, Spanish language devotionals, children's devotionals, craft supplies, etc.  Children's books in Spanish are almost non-existent here.  So, whenever we can, we have teams bring down children's books for us - and the children here LOVE them!  I celebrate birthdays for my Kids Club kids.  And each child receives a gift and a celebration of cupcakes for everyone!  For most children this will be the only celebration of gifts and sweets they will have.  So it's important to me to recognize and celebrate with them!  And included in their gifts is always a books are a HUGE blessing to us.  All that to say - I am feeling blessed, loved, and excited for what God will do through our hands with these blessings of items and people!  So bring it on!

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