Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kids Club

Libni and Genesis celebrating their birthday
Today we celebrated birthdays for two of my frequent kids.  Libni, turned 9 years old, and Genesis who turned 12 years old.  Most of these kids don't have a chance to celebrate their birthdays because parents don't have time or money to make a cake or purchase gifts.  Today these two sweet girls received cupcakes, and each attending kid received a cupcake as well, and the two girls received a gift bag full of fun things for a gift.

70 Kids at Kids Club - that's a record!

Allen, Madison, Abigail and Rebeka putting on a skit
Also today we had a record.  We had SEVENTY children attend Kids Club.  It was amazing!  For the most part, all kids were well behaved, and learned a new Catechism question.  So far the kids have memorized 12 Catechism questions, and 11 bible verses.  It's SO exciting to see how much the kids are learning and how much the are LOVING to learn!

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