Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We've been here for 4 years...you would think that not much will come as a surprise to me. However, once in awhile I am confronted with things that just kind of throw me for a loop. Kids Club has been amazing! I've been teaching the Children's Catechism - and this has the children memorizing answers and bible verses - a new one each week. I'm averaging 40-50 kids each week, and I have 20 kids who have perfect attendance! It's been great! So I guess a small "set back" shouldn't come as a surprise. Both this week and last week one or more kids from my program have stolen from me. It's nothing huge - last week someone (I'm pretty sure I know who it is) stole an entire bag of lollipops. This week I had at least 3 kids steal some beads I had brought for our craft. One kid I caught red-handed, and the other I confronted and she felt so bad that I don't know she will be coming back (will have to see). I left today feeling a little frustrated. I realize that it's "only" lollipops and "only" beads - but it hurts my heart just a little to think that these kids that I truly love would steal from me. However, I sit in reflection...a few hours removed from the situation. The first thing I think - we are all sinners. These kids that I love are no different than me - no different from kids in the States - no different from you. The second (and perhaps more importantly) I have to realize that these kids are coming from nothing. They have almost nothing of their own, and given a chance to take something home to call their own is very tempting. I will continue to love on them, bring them fun stuff to do, and teaching them about Christ's love. And I know they will continue to melt my heart and break my heart. And I'm okay with that :-)

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