Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One mans trash is another mans treasure

Begging on the streets is a harsh reality here.  There are almost no social services to provide for people who have no money.  Often times kids are begging - but often times they do a chore or a task for that money.  Washing windows, watching your car while you are shopping, this kind of thing.  Today on my way out from the grocery store I was approached by a young boy - but in his hand he held something - in exchange for money he wanted to sell me his creation.  I looked at it in wonder.  The story - one mans trash is another mans treasure?  This young boy had created a thing of beauty from a tin can that had been thrown away.  I couldn't let it pass.  I bought it from him - enough for him to buy a simple lunch.  We both had gained in this small exchange.  I spent a few minutes to speak with him, engage him, asked him if he had made it and how beautiful it was - and he got enough for lunch.

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