Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dorm Update

Status Update On The Dorms (from my husbands blog)

You will recall this time last year we were racing to complete the first floor of our dorms to have them ready for the first of nine short-term summer mission teams arriving in June of 2011. Here we are a year later in the same situation. This time we are racing to get the second floor of the dorms completed by June of 2012 so the first of 17 summer teams can have a place to sleep.

The first of 17 short-term mission teams arrives in Honduras on June 2nd. We have just over two months to finish the upstairs sleeping quarters. These two new dorm rooms have tile and the bathrooms are being finished. We still lack paint, bunk beds, internal doors, glass for the windows, toilets and ceiling fans.

We are ahead of the pace we were setting this time last year, but for the second year in a row it looks like we will be pushing our schedule to the limits.

On the roof, or the third floor, we are building a recreation area to allow visiting missionaries to sit back and relax in the nice cool evening breeze. This third floor area will be covered and have access to protected outlets and its own secure wifi signal. There will be no walls to allow the breeze to blow through, but there will be a tin roof to protect from the rains.

When completed this dorm facility will comfortably sleep 40 short-term missionaries. It will have 12 sinks, 12 showers and eight toilets.

Outside the dorm, on the same property, we are also making progress on our ministry center. This facility will eventually be the home of a church, a homeless kids drop-in center, a high school, a seminary and a medical clinic.
Please be in prayer that we have the time, finances and resources to complete the dorm building before our 17 short-term mission teams arrive this summer.

If you would like to financially contribute to the construction of this facility GO HERE.

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