Sunday, January 8, 2012


laying out the pieces on the sketch Madison drew
I made a quilt for Madison when she was 4 years old. Let's just say you almost can't recognize that it's a quilt anymore. It's falling apart. I've patched and patched and re-patched parts until I told her she just had to put it up. She took one look at me and said, "Not until you make me another quilt." Okay my challenge to her was - design the quilt that you want me to make. Her room has a Chinese theme, and one of her walls is painted dark blue, and she has placed stars in many constellations. So, she drew a picture of a swirling universe, surrounded by stars. I've quilted for quite some time, but I must say, I've always used a pattern to go from. Never had I truly created a quilt completely on my own. It was going to be a challenge indeed. On top of the fact I didn't have my incredible sewing machine anymore. Gave that up before we left for the field. I have this piece of garbage sewing machine that I use, but that's all I had - so the challenge was on. Madison picked out the material, designed the quilt, and helped pencil it out and lay it out. Finished it a few days ago and she LOVES it! Has told me she will be taking it to college. I love my kid :-)

Center of the Universe

Madison laying out her stars

final product

 close up of final product


christina said...

Love it!!! You are so very talented!
Is there anything you cannot do????

mikepettengill said...

Yes, Christina there is one thing Erin cannot do...sometimes she finds it difficult to keep quiet...;-)

Ellie said...

It's gorgeous, but for someone who has such a spider phobia as I do... it would scare me at night. Anything remotely resembling a spider - like a piece of fuzz, or twisted up thread scares me.

I just did my son's room in a universe theme. More childish than that, but planets and stars.