Saturday, January 21, 2012

Piecaken husband gave me a food challenge.   Why you may ask?!  Because our friend Jamie (of the Very Worst Missionary) tweeted about it.  I don't know if she's still my friend after this challenge...

And so it began - piecaken.  You've heard of turducken, right? (a duck inside of a chicken inside of a turkey), same idea - just in dessert mode (pie inside of a cake) there are no instructions for this kind of thing so I just did what I thought would work.  And learned some VERY important things for the next time (I still haven't decided if there will BE a next time).  The idea is when you cut into it you get both cake and pie.

What did I do wrong?  Chose too gooey of a pie (apple definitely for the next one - or chocolate pie), chose too small of a cake pan (going for the BIG springform pan the next time), and used too much cake batter (bubbled over and made a mess on the bottom of my oven).  So - lots of changes the next time - but here is what it looked like:

blueberry pie made the night before

first layer of cake dough

pie removed from the pie pan and placed on top of the layer of cake dough

batter poured to cover pie

out of the oven - yes, it sunk

cream cheese frosting

first cut



The Cains said...

This made me laugh quite loudly! I love it! I really want to try it. I think apple pie in the middle of a cinnamon spice cake or something like that!

Scott Craig said...

Erin ~ looks like you did a great job and it looks quite yummy !! Very creative !