Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Medical Brigade Day 2

Today was an interesting day. We saw 21 ultrasound patients, 16 dental patients (for about 32 teeth), and 48 medical patients for a total of 85 today. One of our most interesting cases today was a woman who was referred to me. A woman who lives locally in La Ceiba (I will keep her unknown for the privacy of the woman I will refer to)has a friend of hers who had problems with a prior baby that she delivered here in La Ceiba at the pubic hospital, and the baby ended up dying after being transferred to San Pedro Sula(the next largest city). The woman and I know each other via the internet, and each others blogs (don't you just LOVE technology). Anyway - she knows that I have a clinic, and wanted to send her friend to me. This was very providential as this week is our medical brigade, with specialists, and Dr. Greg with his ultrasound. So, the young woman showed up at the clinic today and was referred to one of our docs first (mild urinary tract infection which we treated with antibiotics), and then to us for the ultrasound. All I can say is, this was a divine happening. Most woman here do not receive ultrasounds during pregnancy. She would have gone on with this pregnancy, the baby moving, getting bigger, none the wiser of her condition if she had not come. Dr. Greg has been training me on the use of the ultrasound. He started the ultrasound and was unusually silent. I kept looking at the monitor, wanting to wipe away something that appeared in the way. Finally, Dr. Greg said, very quietly - when I asked what that "thing" was in the way of the baby - and he said, "that's her placenta". I said, "okay - now that's totally not what I've seen in all the other ultrasounds...it's in a bad place, isn't it?". He looked at me and said, "Yes, it's completely covering the opening of the cervix." Now remember, I did teach childbirth classes for over20 years, had an internship in L&D, and am a nurse - all those things combined gave me more information than I needed. Yikes...complete placenta previa. Not good. Next came LOTS of education, things she needed to do, follow-ups she needed to receive, etc. etc. It was a somber moment. She had already lost one baby, and now to tell her that not only was the baby at risk, but so was she, was not great news to pass on to her- but SO important, and I felt humbled, that through the connections of the internet, and a referral from someone else, we were able to give this so important news to her and hopefully prevent the potential negative outcome.

Our pharmacy crew hard at work!

Nancy working hard at kids club!


Mindy said...

Praise God for his faithfulness in bringing you all together so this woman would have the information she needed. Wow! He never ceases to amaze me.

Tracy Carson said...

This really is amazing...God using technology coupled with his great sovereignty. I will certainly keep this woman in my prayers and hope that she can continue to receive care.