Monday, August 15, 2011

First Clinic day with the Medical Brigade

Today was our first clinic day with the full medical brigade from Trinity Presbyterian Church. We got started a little late, but this was due mainly because we wanted the group to tour the ministry center, and then it took a bit of organizing to see how we were going to arrange 3 provider stations, 1 ultrasound station, a dental station, the pharmacy, intake, etc. It took quite a bit - required all of our brains and finally had a good working clinic! It was AWESOME!!!! Our dentist ended up seeing 20 patients, for about 30 teeth pulled, Dr. Greg did 16 ultrasounds, and our provider stations saw 38 patients. We had Nancy outside hanging and entertaining kids, our pharmacy going full steam to provide for everyone, and all of us being translators, and overseeing things. We also had some construction going on, and our English class at the end of the day! Whew! Let's see what tomorrow will bring!

Many pregnant women came in today for an ultrasound - for many of the women it was the time they had ever had an ultrasound - Dr. Greg put on the audio and they were able to hear their babies heart beat.

Dr. Jiaro - saw many complex and high risk patients

Dr. Gina taking care of the kiddos

NP Heidi taking care of the ladies

DDS Wade saw lots of patients and had a great time (his words)!

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