Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Wow! So much has been going on I almost can't think straight! Madison is still in New York, team mates have been coming and going - and we are doing clinic all this week. Since I'm the primary medical person on the team along with my doc friend from Covenant Community - we are seeing almost 50 people a day. This also requires me to come back at the end of a long day and spend 2-3 hours prepping for the next days clinic. So - I'm a little over tired, so am going to make this brief.

Construction is going along nicely, English Class yesterday, Kids Club today, ocean trip tomorrow with 30 kids from the village, another full day of clinic on Thursday, then a full day hike on Friday! Whew! This team has been great and look forward to see how God continues to use them.

On a side note - Mike was sick, sick, sick this last week (our week off), and the weekend. Monday he started to recover, and it looks like he's about 90% better. Thank you God!

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