Friday, July 15, 2011


In the middle of teams sometimes it's difficult to just keep up with life - pay bills, clean the house, you know - the norms. This is a week mission trip for folks, but for us - it's 3 months of missions trips. Gets to be a bit challenging. However, in the midst of all that, it's a time to reflect what is going on. To see the impact that is being made on His Kingdom. To realize that part of why we are here is exactly this time of the year. Mike and I are a result of short-term teams. We decided that for us, short-term was not the answer, and that we wanted to do this thing full-time.

Taking some kids from Armenia Bonito to the beach

Covenant Community Church has been a huge part of our ministry here from the beginning. We've received numerous short-term teams, prayers, financial support and love from this church that is over-filled with outward seeking members. I was blessed to have my own little medical group here with me, Patricia, and Dr. "Raphael" were my medical team that helped out in the medical clinic where we saw over 140 patients this week. So many people came to be physically served, and were spiritually and emotionally served as well. We will miss this awesome team and look forward to see how God will use them.

The "medical crew"

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OliveTree said...

Bless your hearts. Working with teams is a handful. I can relate to no "keeping up with life," as you put it. Life goes on hold then! I do it seldom in my part of the world. That's great that you had such a wonderful week!