Monday, June 27, 2011


So - we are in the middle of teams - and having a GREAT time! But in the midst of all that, life still goes on. Madison had an entrance exam at her school today. Because she had been out for a year while we were in the States, they required it. Now I have all her school supplies to purchase, uniforms to get made, and get ready - school starts August 8th. Wow! That just seems so early to me. Anyway - Madison is also leaving in two days to head to the next largest city so she can catch a plane early the next morning. She will be gone for a month and I'm thrilled, excited, and yet apprehensive all at the same time. She is going to have an amazing experience, and once she hits NYC, I'll feel much better - the whole international flying by herself thing has me a little on edge. We also have someone coming down for a week staying at my house. She is on a vision trip to check out our ministry and see if we are a fit for her and she is a fit for us to come down and work for a few years. And then comes the 4th of July. I still honor the US holidays - I'm a homeblooded American, and also happen to love my host country. However, there is just something to say about 4th of July and a good BBQ. Then we are actually going to take a few days to be just by ourselves, Mike and I. We are headed off to the islands for 2 days of scuba diving. A much needed break, before we come back to back-to-back teams - woohoo!!! Gotta love Summer!

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