Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clinic and a New Baby

Today at clinic, with some folks from Christ Community Church helping out - we saw 35 patients. Lots of kids with severe diarrhea - makes me wonder what has been stirred up in the water system there - lots of kids very fragile that hopefully will be better soon with some good meds in them, rehydration fluids, and careful tending. And a fun thing I got to do today. A young woman, who already has 2 children came in with varying miscellaneous "symptoms". After much discussion, I finally asked her if she was pregnant - honestly - not many of her symptoms matched what I would describe as symptoms of being pregnant. However, something prodded me to ask her if she was. With a look of "you are crazy" and a firm "NO!" I finally convinced her to take a pregnancy test for me. After the second line showed up DARK with NO hint of being a maybe/kind-of result - I advised her that in fact she was pregnant. Then I looked at her again, and her face had fallen. So I asked her if this was good news or not so good news. She shook her head, looked sadly at her two other children, and said that no, this was not good news. It's such a mixed blessing to the people in the village we work in. The people are SO poor, knowing that they have one more mouth to feed for some just puts them over the edge. It was clear that this was not a good moment for her. One thing I've been wanting to do since I arrived in Honduras, three years ago, was to offer childbirth education classes. The concept is, no pun intended, SO foreign here that the thought is almost laughable to people when I mention it here. But I'm determined! Especially after having volunteered in labor and deliver (a full blog coming soon). So, I've started offering my "service" to come be with them when they are in the hospital. However, there's a few catches. They must come to my clinic once a month to receive pre-natal care - pre-natal vitamins, and then sit through a class on childbirth. They then will be put on my list of people who can call me and I will meet them at the hospital to be with them when they deliver. NO ONE is allowed in the delivery room with them during the entire labor/delivery process, so to have me as a labor couch, sit with them, guide them through the process is going to be amazing - but I DO insist that they meet me half way. After I told her what I was interested in doing, and what her part was, she lost interest. However, maybe after the "shock" has worn off from her news, she will re-consider. I am praying that this happens! Will keep you all posted.

On our property in Armenia Bonito the process has started for the construction of the medical clinic! I'm SO excited! I can't WAIT to get this up and running! I have so many amazing plans in my mind!

The three squares in the front are exam rooms
The square in the middle is the pharmacy
The square in the top right is the supply room
The square on the middle row on the right is another exam room
and the others are waiting areas


Grandma Barb said...

It surprises me that the concept of birth control is so foreign. They give deprovera injections at CESAMO in Jutiapa and I think Sonia even gives injections to woman in her village who can not get in to clinic.
Barb E.

Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

Hey Barb - not birth control...childbirth education is a foreign concept. They do have birth control, and even sell it in the village I'm in.

La Gringa said...

Blogger comments are working again. ;-)

Where is your clinic? Is it in La Ceiba or Nueva Armenia? I have someone I would like to send to you.

Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

Hey La Gringa! My clinic is out in Armenia Bonito. The community behind the airport. It's currently in the community center in the center of town - but as you see from the pics, an official clinic is being built. This week we are on vacation, but all of next week we will be having clinic. Should be there from 0900 - about 4pm Mon - Friday (Wednesday from noon - 4pm). If someone takes the Primer de Mayo bus and takes it all the way to the end they will end up right at the community center where our clinic is.