Thursday, May 20, 2010

Missent mail

Bet you've never seen this stamp on your mail before:

Missent to Bermuda...not sure how that happened - don't see Bermuda anywhere on the envelope...

What was in the elusive envelope? Our W-2. But...let's hear it for electronic information! We were able to get our W-2 via e-mail so we could file our taxes on time. I looked at the date stamp of when it was sent out - 21 January 2010. Date received: 19 May 2010. Four months! Wow! Well - at least we got it?! Prayerfully our credit card won't take that long to get to us!


Ellie said...

Taxes on vacation - now that is a first!

Pity we couldn't be missent to Bermuda, too!

SoniaStorm said...

Oh gosh! 4 months?! Oh well, you were able to get it done. Praying it won't hold up the credit card.